Story and Photos by Greg Peterson / Greg's Photography Inc.

SportFight XXII
Wilson Defends Title and Joins Team Quest

HDNet Fights and Matt "The Law" Lindland brought SportFight XXII RE-AWAKENING to Portland, Oregon April 18, 2008.  Other sponsors like Dirty Boxer, Game Crazy, Comcast SportsNet, and the U.S. Army have also teamed up with Lindland to continue to grow SportFight as a Premier MMA Event.  Now featured LIVE on HDNet Fights and a weekly series on Comcast SportsNet, the future looks very bright for Matt Lindland's SportFight.

    The Main Event was a Featherweight Championship Title Defense for Enoch
"The Animal" Wilson vs "The Pretty Boy" Mike Joy.  With an earlier announcement
that Team Quest was combining talents with Wilson's trainer and opening a second Team Quest facility, as the SF Champ entered the arena he ignited the crowd with his true "animal" style and the NW fans seemed to be eager to feed on his energy and it became a defining moment of the evening.  Wilson wearing a new Team Quest shirt was determined to prove himself to his new camp and show Portland how proud he was to be united with Matt Lindland.  However, Mike Joy had some plans of his own and through the first round he let Wilson know that his new Team Quest pride wasn't going to be for free and that he came to fight.  Judges gave the round one to Joy due to his takedown and ground control.  The second round went to Wilson, but then the third back to Joy.  When the fourth round opened the crowd couldn't wait to see where this fight was going next.  But Wilson seemed to know that Mike Joy was again coming for the takedown and landed such a swift short knee to the head that for a split second the referee looked at Wilson like why are you stopping and Wilson said "he's out".  Mike Joy collapsed and tried to stand up but, was clearly out and unable to continue.  The enthusiasm reached a new level as Wilson's Animal style raged around the ring, as he had just defended his title and proved himself to his new team Team Quest.  He then shook Matt Lindland's hand and said "all I kept thinking was there was no way I was losing this belt tonight, not tonight!".


Now that Lindland's SportFight production continues to enjoy success and Team Quest opens a second facility later this year, Matt has decided to enter the political ring.  During the intermission Matt announced his run for office as a State Representative for Dist. 52 in Oregon and assured fans that "I am not afraid to fight for what I believe in" and that their vote will give him a chance to stand up for them.  "I will not be intimidated by special interest money or lobbyists" continued Matt "I have taken on some pretty tough customers in my career and rest assured I will bring that same courage of my convictions to the political ring".  Log on to to learn more
about his campaign.


Other fights of the night included a Lightweight Interim Championship Title bout between Ed "Bam Bam" Nuno and Lyle "Fancy Pants" Beerbohm.  Team Quest member Nuno was a fan favorite, however Beerbohm's "Fancy Pants" must have distracted Nuno enough to allow Beerbohm to get his takedowns and continue for rear naked choke attempts.  After going the distance the judges awarded "Fancy Pants" with a 29-27 unanimous decision and a new belt.  World Class Trainer Greg Jackson sent Tommy Truex from his Albuquerque, New Mexico camp to face Team Quest Dave Jansen.  Jansen who has somewhat of a history for quick victories at SportFight, met Truex in the center of the ring and they began exchanging strikes.  Truex landed a great takedown, but after Jansen worked his way back up he opened a barrage of punches that awarded him with a Round one TKO at 1:38.


As always log onto and for full results and photos.  The next SportFight is scheduled for June 20, 2008 at the Portland, Rose Garden Arena.  Show your support for Matt Lindland's run for office at

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