Team Quest Punishes the Competition
"The Professor" is Still the Champ

                  Matt Lindland and Randy Couture brought SportFight 17 back to                                    Portland, Oregon for another exciting night of fights for the thousands                        of fans that came to the RoseGarden Arena.  Not only did they bring the production but they also brought 8 great fighters from their fight club; Team Quest.  When all of the fights were said and done, Team Quest won 7 out of 8 fights of the night.  Their only disappointing loss was Ian Loveland vs. Trevor Burnell.  These two fighters seemed very eager to fight each other at the weigh-ins and it continued in the ring.  Both fighters pushed the action from the start but it was Burnell that landed a left punch that caught Loveland and left him defenseless and gave Burnell a first round knockout at 1:01.  Even after winning the fight Burnell seemed rather upset with Ian Loveland, and stomped around the ring calling him names.  Burnell went on to become confrontational with world class trainer Robert Follis when he came to congratulate Burnell's corner.  At that point the fans realized why the night had been titled "HotZone".

Team Quest's first win of the night was for Greg Thompson vs. Elli Peterson with the judges giving the decision to Thompson.  John Krohn, with Team Quest, controlled Reno Buckstuber and secured a rear naked choke at 1:50 of the first round. 

The third fight of the night went the distance, with Mike Dolce vs. Josh Burnham.  Dolce opened the fight with a flurry of knees and then led into a barrage of strikes and a takedown.  Round two started with a punch from Dolce that seemed to set back Burnham and continued with Dolce pushing the action.  In round three Burnham seemed to be starting to have a little better results, but it was a little too late according to the judges decision to award Team Quest's Mike Dolce with the win.  JD Stanley and Jon Clift faced each other in the fourth bout of the night.  Stanley opened up the fight with a spinning kick combination that he was planning to use to gain some space between them and follow up with another kick, but Clift caught Stanley with a punch in the middle of the combination and caused Stanley to change his game plan.  He then got the takedown which led to Clift's feet being wrapped up in Stanley's arms, so Stanley grabbed a foot and started twisting and got the tapout at 1:40 of the first round. 

In the Heavy Weight class, the new Team Quest member, Thierry Sokoudjou was matched against Paul Wernecki.  They started exchanging strikes but ultimately a high kick from Sokoudjou knocked out Wernecki at 2:11 of Round One. Another Round One knockout victory went to Ed Nuno otherwise known as "Bam Bam".  Tony Sanza now knows why they call Nuno "Bam Bam", after he received several strikes while standing, Nuno knocked him down and then unleashed a continuous barrage of punches until the referee called the fight at 1:34.

The Main Event featured Chris "The Professor" Wilson against UFC fighter Laverne Clark, for the SportFight Welterweight Championship Title.  Clark's record of 22-14-1 shows he's no beginner in the sport of MMA.  However, "The Professor" demonstrated that there is always more to learn in this sport.  When the fight started these two warriors circled in the ring trying to get a feel for each other, but after they clashed there was no turning back.  Wilson landed a solid kick to Clark's midsection, but Clark managed to grab a leg and got the takedown.  Once Wilson decided to go to his back, he started to work his game plan by setting up a triangle, Clark kept moving but could not pass Wilson's guard.  As Wilson went for another triangle choke, Clark escaped but fell prey to an armbar that Wilson then released and secured an inescapable triangle choke that forced Clark to tap-out at 3:51 of Round One.  The Professor, Chris Wilson once again proves he is an all around fighter with exceptional skill.

                         Another highlight of the night, was when Matt Lindland entered                                   the ring to announce his involvement in the IFL as a coach of the                                 Wolfpack.  His hand picked team includes Team Quest fighters Chris                            Wilson, Ryan Schultz, Matt Horwich, and more.  The IFL is scheduled                            September 9, 2006, in Portland, Oregon and will include a SUPER                                   FIGHT where Matt "The Law" Lindland will face UFC veteran Jeremy                             Horn.  For more information on the IFL, log on to

                        On August 12, 2006, Matt, Randy, and the SportFight production crew                            take their high quality show to St. Helens for Proving Ground III.  The                           Proving Ground series features amateur fighters fighting for a                                      chance to battle at the Rose Garden Arena in Portland, Oregon.  As always log on to or for results and for tickets to SportFight.